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Published on April 3, 2015 by Jeff Koinange

Find out what inspired Jeff Koinange to write this book, his message for Africa and why you ought to read this book.


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  • Ithagu Guru 2 years ago

    Hi Jeff.
    Before i say anything i just want to let you know how much i appreciate what you have done and the choices you have made in your life. Most importantly, i want to thank you for writing to us Through My African Eyes.

    I saw your ad on tv some time back, and i promised myself that one day i got to read this book. But then i was not in a position to acquire because of its relatively high but deserving cost, and back then i was a student with a very tight budget.

    Few months down line, my friend Joseph Kahuthu had this talk in the middle of the night concerning how Africa should be and how we see ourselves as Africans. Normally when we’re discusing such things with Joseph, we stay late at night even when all the other students are deeply asleep.
    That night of August 22nd was not exceptional.
    It was during that time that Kahuthu told me of a book written by a journalist he respected, which was narrating an African story of an African, for Africans. Although after finishing the book we realized that the story was not for Africans only but for the whole world, i was so glad that Joseph had the book with him, having bought the book directly from you, autographed by yourself.

    He gave as a gift, and as i’m writing this to you, Through My African Eyes is on my wooden desk in my house, in a small village in Kilifi far away from you.
    I’ve read and reread the book, and something special about Africa get aroused in my soul every time i turn these pages. Maybe it is because it is so real. Maybe it is because Africa is this beautiful. Maybe it is because i believe in our continent so much, and maybe, just maybe, it is written by a man i love, admire and respect.

    I’m writing this two days after Christmas, and five days after i self-published my book, Stories For The Soul, a collection of short Kenyan stories, told by a young Kenyan country boy, bringing to light love, patience, betrayal and brotherhood in a Kenyan way.
    If you’ll reply to me, i’ll send it to your mail and you’ll see what i had to say. It would brighten my day if you read it, and brighten my future if you wrote me a preface.
    That aside, you are and always be, my Legend.



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