Larry Madowo / Dennis Itumbi / Robert Alai

Published on May 20, 2015 by Jeff Koinange


  • Antony 3 years ago

    All this will be forgotten once the floods subside. And when the Government corrupt officials are expected to make visits to the EACC offices, the same people shouting that the city leadership has failed them will accompany them with songs of praise demanding that the corruption cases should be withdrawn. Kenyan style!
    As result of corruption the government cannot build or maintain propper drainage system… Kenyan is like a woman impregnated out-of wedlock by criminals like ** and many others out there.
    We know what our problems are and we do nothing or make them worse. In General we are used to being mistreated we are what we are A Banana Republic.

  • Kuria Isaac 2 years ago

    Cool very nice


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