Sydney, Australia book launch – Tuesday November 18th, 2014 (photos)

Here’s a collection of photos from November’s Australia Book Launch event.

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Sydney, Australia book launch – Tuesday November 18th, 2014

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Bible Study Book Club book signing

Here’s a collection of photos from July’s Bible Study Book Club book signing event.

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Dr. Magana Njoroge Mungai passes away

Dr. Magana Njoroge Mungai passed away this morning (16th August 2014).  My condolences go out to his friends and family. May The Almighty be with them during these trying moments. Here is the last interview I had with him.

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Muthaiga Country Club Book signing – Sunday August 10th, 2014

I was at Muthaiga Country Club, on Sunday August 10th, for an exclusive book signing affair. Here’s a collection of photos from the event.

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If Jeff can do it, so can I!

  Mwikali Lati of Business Daily interviewed award-winning journalist and author of the book, Through My African Eyes, Jeff Koinange. In the interview, Jeff recounts the life-changing experience he had when writing the book, his sources of inspiration and the message readers should take away from the book. Read all about it here.

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Jeff Koinange

Jeff Koinange to cover US-Africa summit in Washington DC, USA

Jeff Koinange is in this USA this week (August 2nd-8th 2014), covering the US-AFRICA Summit for Arise Television. For the very first time, a US President is hosting more than 40 African heads of state and hundreds of top business leaders and industry captains. As East Africa Bureau Chief for Arise Television, Jeff will be […]

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Makau Mutua reviews Jeff Koinange’s book and confesses that he couldn’t put the book down

Some books are simply page-turners. Such is star journalist Jeff Koinange’s Through My African Eyes. No African journalist before Mr Koinange had been so internationally famous. Nor are we likely to see the likes of him any time soon. Mr Koinange is a Kenyan original, one of a very rare species. Through My Africans Eyes […]

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Wangari Maathai is my mother

We’re used to Jeff’s high profiled interviews where he does the superb job of grilling his guests on a variety of topics ranging from social to geo-political issues. But what happens when his bench is taken away and he has to perch on a table (by himself) to be grilled? In this interview Michael Ngigi […]

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A review of Jeff Koinange’s Through My African Eyes by James Murua

James Murua reviewed Through My African Eyes on his blog. Here’s an excerpt from the post. I have to confess that I loved this book very much. It answers some of the questions that I have been wondering about. He talks about the Koinange family he was born into. His father Fredrick Mbiyu Koinange, son […]

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Jeff Koinange graces DRUM magazine’s July 2014 cover

Celebrated journalist and talk show host Jeff Koinange graced DRUM magazine’s July cover. It was a case of reversed roles, with Jeff put under the spotlight in an interview conducted by Drum’s Editor, Carol Odero. The cover title was, “#7 Reasons not to interview Jeff Koinange and why we did it.” In the interview, Jeff […]

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Jeff Koinange Checking Out His Emmy

Review: Jeff Koinange On The Agony Of Being Jeff

Jeff Koinange’s book “Through My African Eyes”, simply put is a fun read and involuntarily makes one utter! Oh my! Wamae! It is a contemporary African adventure that tells the story of Africa from an informed back end. The book is a fast paced modern narrative cleaned out of jaundiced prose and divisive allegiances. It […]

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Jeff Koinange

Joyce Nyairo Reviews Jeff Koinange’s Book – Through My African Eyes

The first thing I thought when I finished reading Jeff Koinange’s life story, Through My African Eyes, was this: if you are not ready to face the controversies that have dominated your life, if you haven’t yet turned 80, that magical age when you cease worrying about what people think of you and your follies, […]

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